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Festina Logo

Festina was founded in Switzerland in 1902 and was acquired by the current owner in 1984. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Festina is considered a market leader selling over 4.5 million watches in 2008 in 65 countries in the world. The strongest market for Festina is France which has attributed to its status as the official timekeeper of the world renowned Tour de France. A special Tour de France chronograph series is issued each year and they become collectors’ watches. Festina offers a complete collection of watches for ladies and men ranging in duty free retails from 99.00 to 399.00 USD, with sport looks and chronographs being the major focus. Key models are available in both strap and bracelet models, with intricate, color dials as a feature. Festina is widely distributed in duty free locations in Airports, In-Flight, Cruise lines, and border operators.

 G Shock Logo

Since 1981, G-SHOCK has continued to take up challenges tirelessly in search of even greater toughness. Motivated by this spirit, it has continuously pursued new possibilities for every aspect of toughness, from structure and materials to functions. With sophisticated watch forms, designs inspiring pride of ownership and varied hand expressions arousing new emotional responses with every use, it has raised the standard for perfection by introducing high-end premium models built with the strictest attention to detail. MT-G, GRAVITYMASER, GULFMSTER and Master G are among the leaders in pushing forward the front lines of timepiece evolution, adding new dimensions to wristwatch toughness.

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Baby G logo


Contemporary designs and colors add fashionable appeal to a shock & water resistant structure suited to fit active, sport lifestyles. Whether cool or casual, there’s a Baby-G for every woman who’s proud to have a style all her own .

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Edifice Logo

Casio's EDIFICE collection reflects a distinct sense of style by providing men with features that are ideal for professional and weekend lifestyles. The collection speaks to upwardly, mobile men whose goals lie anywhere from the boardroom to the ballpark. With a variety of aristocratic, sleek styles, Casio's EDIFICE timepieces possess features including multi-layered dials, world time, daily alarms and more. Made with strong, comfortable band materials of resin and stainless steel, each style exudes an attractive, sophisticated look.

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Hippie Chic

Hippie Chick

Hippie Chic California was born from the influence of the 60’s hippie subculture, which developed as a youth movement that began in the USA during the early 1960s.

Our aim is to bring back the spirit of this movement and embrace the fundamental ethos of this subculture - harmony with nature, free spirited and artistic experimentation. Our designs reflect this with the use of natural materials; leather, cotton, wood with the addition of more modern alloy elements whether this be in the form of charms or timepieces. Our products are hand-made and the beauty of this being that no one piece will be exactly the same, all having their own individual quirks.

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JOIA De Majorca - Authentic Majorca Pearls from Spain

JOIA De Majorca

The JOIA De Majorca collection combines distinctive design with a tradition of excellence. It is through light that JOIA De Majorca organic man-made pearls reveal the divine inner glow and unmatched luster and iridescence. The result is the most exquisite jewelry and organic man-made pearls.



Sekonda is the UK’s number one watch brand, and has been for the past 29 consecutive years. Established in 1966, Sekonda has become a household name, providing exceptional value through no nonsense expertise. Committed to producing high quality wristwear that compliments your lifestyle, Sekonda use top quality movements, strict manufacturing specifications, undertake rigorous testing and quality control procedures, with two year guarantee on every watch. In order to remain the UK’s biggest and best known watch brand, Sekonda strives to innovate and create new designs. This innovation has led to the extensions of sub-brands Editions, Xpose and Seksy. With such a wide range of products, Sekonda has a watch to suit everyone.

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For the woman who loves fashion and the latest trends, Seksy is the perfect choice.

Seksy watches was launched in 2004 as a sub-brand of Sekonda. Fashion-led and jewellery inspired designs, Seksy has become an instantly recognisable brand name worldwide. With a UK in-house design team, Seksy captures the latest fashion trends in their watch collections, which are all made with Swarovski® crystals, and have a two year guarantee.

With iconic designs and exceptional quality, Seksy has a wide collection of watches. Take a look at our website to find the perfect watch for you.

Concepts in Time

Concepts in Time

Concepts In Time has remained among the timepiece industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors for over 18 years, and takes pride in its ability to constantly provide its customers with unique designs & high quality that reflect the latest trends in fashion.Headquartered in New York in the heart of the fashion district, the Concept facility houses a team of watch and packaging designers, as well as dedicated showroom featuring a wide range of products. In addition to many proprietary and private label brands, Concepts holds the manufacturing and distribution rights to several well-known brands including Ellen Tracy, Geoffrey Beene, Rampage, Caribbean Joe, emoji & Hershey Kiss.

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Contours Rx

Where Science Meets Beauty

Contours RX

Contours Rx® is the #1 brand of non-surgical cosmetics because of our innovative products that look and feel like skin. Using state-of-the-art non-surgical beauty enhancement technology, our products can safely and instantly remove years from your appearance for your next big event or every day.

Our revolutionary products like LIDS BY DESIGN® and NECK RESCUE are the first products of their kind to be available in cosmetic surgeon and medical offices. Now you can achieve instant results that become translucent on most skin tones. Watch our skin-like technology become invisible upon contact and provide a comfortable, easy-to-use experience that women and men of all ages can enjoy.

The Carat Shop

The Carat Shop

The Carat Shop Ltd. Was founded in 2006 manufacturing bespoke and costume jewellery in the retail industry. In 2013, The Carat Shop branched out into licensing and signed a contract with Warner manufacture official harry Potter Jewellry and Accessories. Starting out with just simple charms and necklaces, their niche ranges have expanded as the Harry Potter band continues to gain popularity.

Dig It®

Dig It In The Sun

The innovation that is Dig It® was dreamed up at a family BBQ way back in 2008. The co-founders of Dig It were bemoaning the damage that outdoor activities can do to a manicure and realized that they were nurturing the seeds of a big idea. Both loved being outdoors in nature, sports, DIY project, and all things gardening, but these activities wreaked havoc on their hands and especially their nails.

And so the concept for Dig It Handwear was born.

With the vision of building a lifestyle business around this concept, they began the search for fashionable and functional gardening/utility gloves that would protect their hands and manicures while they worked and played.

After a worldwide search, the two discovered that no such product existed, and so, determined to provide women with something that would address their need for fashion and function, Dig It Handwear was designed.

The collaborative design process involved talking to nail technicians, avid Divers, salon owners and of course gardeners, then taking all that input to industrial designers and glove manufacturers to come up with the perfect design. The icing on the cake? With the addition of packing made from recycled materials, they were able to marry their commitment to all things green with style and function.

In November 2009, Dig It presented their business concept to the Dragons on CBC's "Dragon's Den", making a deal with Kevin O'Leary, also of NBC's "Shark Tank" fame.

Then, in 2012, Dig It was nominated for RBC's "Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards" in the Best New Start Up category. Over the course of 8 years in business, Dig It has introduced innovative new products and expanded their sales and distribution channels across North America and internationally.

We strive to provide top-quality products and exceptional customer service, meeting the needs of women everywhere, while respecting the environment.

Grounded Body Scrub®


Grounded Body Scrub® was created in 2014 and was launched at the beginning of 2015 by Lloyd Hazell and Tasha Harris from Leigh on Sea, Essex. Lloyd and Tasha started the company after experimenting with natural and naturally derived ingredients, using a combination of exfoliators and natural oils to help with Tasha's Eczema taking inspiration from Balinese coffee scrubs. Tasha had previously been using steroid-based creams from her GP to combat her Eczema for a long time and felt that these were only temporary solutions and sometimes even made the condition worse. It is also important to recognize that dermatologists advise against using steroids on the face. Grounded® is suitable for use on the face which is brilliant and is a great selling point, especially for those who suffer from eczema on their face. After using the scrub for around a month, Tasha's Eczema was completely gone to her delight. They decided this would make a great business and came up with the name Grounded Body Scrub - this relates to the coffee and an ode to their humble approach to skincare. They found a real demand for their products from people first of all locally (e.g: friends)- then globally, particularly from people who have skin issues or problematic skin. A lot of their customers were so impressed with the results due to years of having to suffer from things like Eczema and psoriasis, Grounded was a perfect solution to a problem they had been dealing with most of their life. So, they both decided to exhibit at their first beauty show which was the Professional Beauty at the Excel in London. To match their products they made a massive stage with palm trees, coconuts and fake grass that had a natural tropical and organic feel.



It was totally unexpected, like all good things that happen when traveling. Thomas Meyer turned a pair of pants into a denim jacket, and the first Desigual garment was born. His call to break fashion rules was a true act of creativity. Those patchwork jackets sold out and became the symbol of a revolution that is still without a name.

Then, just like an unforgettable journey, came his friends with their vibrant ideas: Isabel Coixet whispered a word, Desigual, because it was unlike anything else, it was new, different, original. National Design Award recipient, Peret, scribbled down an initial logo, the Robots. And in 1986, the first Desigual store became the meeting point for lots of people intrigued by that free, genuine, optimistic, carefree and Mediterranean universe that, from Barcelona, still inspires the whole world, three decades on.

This is how our brand was created. Yet, Desigual is much more than that, and our commitment was clear right away: we are proud to say that we are a challenge to conventions. The example that authenticity can be actually worn. A journey into the future. The first brand that was created with a precise goal: dressing people, not bodies.



Forty years ago, the foundation was laid for one of the most successful German jewelry companies. Today, Amor Group is the European market leader for fine jewelry in both the entry-level and medium-price segments. It is positioned precisely in the segment where the decision between seeing, buying and giving presents is the quickest. The 8 million pieces of jewelry we sell annually prove that we meet the needs and demands of our customers.

Anyone who has witnessed the distribution power of our highly modern logistics center knows that our ambitious plans aim even higher: Globally, we are present at over 3,000 points of sale (POS) in 21 countries and across 4 continents — additional ones are being planned.

A face-to-face discussion is always the best way in which we can demonstrate the many benefits a partnership with the Amor Group could bring you. I am looking forward to it.

Anne Klein

Anne Klein

Trailblazer. Innovator. Icon. There have been many words used to describe Anne Klein. She was a visionary designer who originated the concept of a fully coordinated closet, providing a uniquely American point of view to the global fashion industry. Her trademark separates became the hallmark of a purposeful and stylish wardrobe—one that has informed trends for decades.

Anne Klein believed getting dressed should start with smart, beautiful clothing and accessories that make women feel good. In this increasingly busy world, we have become more dependant than ever on clothes that can work as hard as we do, making Anne Klein's original design ethos more relevant than ever before.

Today, versatility and ease continue to drive the evolution of the brand. Each collection is designed to do more than simply meet women's fashion needs; it celebrates all aspects of her life by providing pieces destined to live in the front of her closet.